Interstate Paving & Concrete




Interstate Paving & Concrete has been patching damaged paving for commercial and residential properties for 30 years. We have become highly knowledgeable and proficient in this business.

Extreme cold and hot weather damages asphalt paving, creating potholes. Also, there is natural wear and tear due to use of the paving, which leads to areas that are cracked and worn. Therefore, every residential owner and commercial property management must have a maintenance plan to keep paving looking good.

If your paving develops potholes, call Interstate Paving & Concrete. We will fill the affected areas with hot or cold asphalt mix, depending on the season and/or site location.

Call interstate Paving & Concrete if your driveway is damaged. First, we will assess the extent of the problem and try to identify the cause. Rehabilitation might include tearing up and redoing the work to create a level surface. Then we apply resurfacing material so that the whole driveway looks level, new and evenly colored.